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[Yes Download~] 2 Chainz Rap or Go to the League Album Leak** Fresh..

[Yes Download~] 2 Chainz Rap or Go to the League Album Leak** Fresh..


2 Chainz Whip Lyrics.

2 Chainz has actually revealed the cover for his brand-new album Rap or Go to the League, which is dropping this Friday (March 1st). The countdown to March 1st is formally on, as Apple Music rolls out the first trailer for 2 Chainz x LeBron James RAP OR GO TO THE LEAGUE, a special thorough discussion in between two of the greatest titans in their respective fields. As long period of time pals and fans of one another, 2 Chainz and LeBron represent the true intersection of music and sports.

Now James will be officially credited for his deal with an album for the very first time. The A&R Bron moniker is main, as James did the A&R deal with the upcoming 2 Chainz album Rap or Go to the League. Now, in the middle of leading a team of hip-hop ballers throughout the East Vs. West Hip-Hop All Star Game, 2 Chainz has actually revealed his fifth solo studio album, Rap Or Go To The League.

You have actually got us there, 2 Chainz. Be on the keep an eye out for songs from the forthcoming Rap or Go to the League, tour statements, and more. 2 Chainz has revealed the main cover art for Rap Or Go To The League which will strike streaming services on March 1st. The cover art reveals a milk cage hanging off of a tree trunk in front of an abandoned house that's covered in graffiti.

Together with the album, James and 2 Chainz will take part in a thorough conversation set to premiere the exact same day the album shows up by means of Apple Music. Apple likewise shared a trailer for the album and conversation, that includes behind-the-scenes video footage of James and 2 Chainz going over the album's rollout technique, in addition to included partners.

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has revealed his upcoming LP Rap or Go to the League, a project which follows an EP that was released previously this month, the compelling The Play Do Not Care Who Makes It. 2 Chainz knows how to rattle his fans. The news of his upcoming LP-- its recency to The Play Do Not Care Who Makes It, or its simple existence-- wasn't even the biggest gesture 2 Chainz made today. No, it was the method in which 2 Chainz revealed Rap or Go to the League.

With NBA All-Star Weekend out of the method, 2 Chainz has actually announced that the anticipated follow up to 2017's Pretty Girls Like Trap Music will be dropping next week - on March 1st - and has actually shared the news that it's been A&R'ed by the King himself LeBron James. We've been eagerly anticipating a brand-new 2 Chainz album for some time now, and while he's been talking about Rap Or Go To The League for over a year, we have actually never ever had a release date - previously.

track, Proud " including YG and Offset, which has over 100 million streams to date. The ultimate personification of Atlanta rap," raved Pitchfork in its extended-length evaluation, he's old enough to have actually seen the forging of its foundation however maintains the younger spirit of an ever-changing genre." 2 Chainz returned with Hot Wings Are A Woman's Best Friend in November. The brand-new two-song bundle consisted of Hot Wings " and Woman's Best Friend" The upcoming new album will also consist of Chainz' 2018 gold single, Larger Than You " ( featuring Drake and Quavo) whose videos have actually amassed over 55 million integrated YouTube views to date.

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