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Leaked(( 2 Chainz Rap or Go to the League Album [Download] Mp3

Leaked(( 2 Chainz Rap or Go to the League Album [Download] Mp3


Rap Or Go To The League (Album Zippyshare).

2 Chainz is fresh off the release of a four-song EP, The Play Don't Care Who Makes It, but that hasn't stopped him from keeping his run of brand-new music going (not to mention, sports-themed titles for it) and announcing the release of his next album, Rap Or Go To The League. 2 Chainz tapped NBA super star LeBron James to A&R his forthcoming studio album, Rap or Go to the League, which is set to show up March 1st through Def Jam Recordings. It's clear LeBron James likes Hip-Hop, and 2 Chainz loves basketball, so this union makes perfect sense. Tuesday (Feb. 19) Def Jam revealed the two will come together with the hoop star functioning as A&R for the rapper formerly known as Titty Boi's 5th studio album, Rap or Go To The League.

On Saturday (Feb. 17), Deuces went on his social media accounts to announce that he is working on a brand-new album called Rap or Go to the League. But the task will be different than his 2017 full-length studio effort, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. Judging by his video, it sounds as if the Atlanta is bringing some socially-conscious styles to the album.

James shared some video clips from the studio with 2 Chainz on Tuesday, discussing tunes that must be on the album and what could go on other editions. LeBron James has actually currently dominated the NBA and Hollywood. Now, it appears as though the Los Angeles Lakers' resident super star is poised to take over the world of hip-hop by way of 2 Chainz. UNINTERRUPTED formally revealed Tuesday that James A&R 'd (Artists and Repertoire) 2 Chainz's newest album, Rap or Go to the League.

2 Chainz revealed on Tuesday that LeBron James worked as an A&R on his upcoming full-length RAP OR GO TO THE LEAGUE. No release date for Rap or Go to the League has been offered at press time, though it will be out a long time later this year via Def Jam. Here's what makes the upcoming 2 Chainz album interesting: LeBron James, a hardcore hip-hop fan, will be A&R ing the task. 2 Chainz and LeBron both made the announcement on their respective social accounts.

2 Chainz, the multi-platinum, Grammy Award ®-winning MC and One of the Best Rappers Alive" ( Noisey ), validates his highly expected 5th studio album, RAP OR GO TO THE LEAGUE, A&R 'd by LeBron James, is set for aMarch first release by means of Def Jam Recordings. The news of the upcoming project, to be titled Rap or Go to the League, arrives following the release of the rap artist's surprise EP, The Play Do Not Care Who Makes It, which was released just over a week earlier.

Def Jam exposed on Tuesday that it partnered with King James to help curate 2 Chainz's extremely anticipated fifth studio album. 2 Chainz explains what it was like dealing with his new album with LeBron James and the ideas that LeBron came up with consisting of on who to feature in the album. He likewise offers his choice for MVP this season. On his new album, 2 Chainz challenges the concept that the only escape of the central city is by coming a rapper or ball gamer. Rather, he aimed to craft songs that focus on the power of education and entrepreneurship.

What much better way to reveal a brand-new album throughout NBA All Star Weekend than a huge BLIMP!!! Rap Or Go To The League coming quickly. Earlier in the interview, Budden mentioned that the record did not seem like a standard trap affair, either. Pairing this information together, in addition to the understanding that 2 Chainz is an experienced author, rapper, and versatile artist, and the album all of a sudden forms up to be a prospective gamechanger in 2 Chainz' evolutionary catalog.

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